GE’s first live appearance with Hall and Oates.  “Bebop Drop” 1979.

“Life on Mars” w/David Bowie on the Tonight Show, 1980.

“Family Man” Hall and Oates, 1982.

“Open All Night” Hall and Oates live , 1983.

Saturday Night Live Band, 1990-ish.

Saturday Night Live Band, “King Harvest” w/ Robbie Robertson 1988

Saturday Night Live Band, 1993/various.

“So Like Candy” Elvis Costello on SNL, 1991.

“Talk to Me Baby” from “Buddy Guy: Live! The Real Deal” 1995.

“Codiene” Live from the Sheridan Opera House, 2008.

“I Ain’t Never Satisfied” Live from the Sheridan Opera House, 2008.

“Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” Live from the Sheridan Opera House, 2008.

“Heart Frozen Up” 9/15/07.   The lead track from his 1980 album, “In the World.”

“Dusty Streets of Cairo” 11/2/08. From his 1998 album “Incense, Herbs, and Oils”

“Play it All Night Long”  GE w/ David Lindley

History of the Electric Guitar, Smithsonian Channel, 2010

Live From Daryl’s House: GE Shares a story about TBone.

“Arrowhead” Hot Tuna, 2011.

“Thousand Dollar Car” Stephen Talkhouse, 8/22/12

“Jungle Boogie” Stephen Talkhouse, 8/22/12

“Standing on Shakey Ground” Stephen Talkhouse, 8/22/12

Roger Waters intro/ “Blues in G” Stephen Talkhouse, 8/22/12

Rig Rundown from The Wall Tour, 2012

“Thousand Dollar Car”  at the Furpeace Ranch 2014

GE Smith Jams on the Guitar That Killed Folk! 2015


  1. Yo G.E. its T-bone Wolk’s cusin, Tyler, i played a few set with you at his benefit concert in NY here’s the link to the vid of led zeppelin’s rock ‘n’ roll

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