Tour Dates


Check GE’s Facebook Page for the most up to date shows and Covid Cancellations/Reschedules

Aug 6, 2021 Masters of the Telecaster ft: Jim Weider, GE Smith, and Larry Campbell, Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY

Aug 7, 2021 Masters of the Telecaster ft: Jim Weider, GE Smith, and Larry Campbell, City Winery, NYC (15th St location)

Aug 30, 2021 GE Smith ft. Simon Kirke and Fred Cash Jr., Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY


  1. I danced on the arched floor of the tribal house here in Haines….one of the best nights of my dancing life. That floor was alive.. a drum to our steps
    Come back if the mood seizes you..meanwhile I’ll save up for Sweden….but thank you for the night you were here…Terry

  2. Please come back to Springfield, IL! We saw you play with Hot Tuna on 3/4/11 and were blown away! Is there a recording of Arrowhead that we could attain? Did you happen to notice everyone JUMP out of there seats when the song ended! It was truly moving. You are the most gifted guitar player I’ve ever seen. Thank you.

    • If you search “Arrowhead” on the Moonalice website you can listen to and download your choice of the song from about a dozen or so live recordings of the song. The song was originally written/performed by Richard Shindell. The last verse that G.E. sings is his own addition to the song.


  3. Saw G.E. in a very small club called Froggie Bottoms in Myrtle Beach,SC about ten years ago. I thought I died and went to Heaven!! Sat at a small table right in front of him. Absolutely one of the greatest times in my life. I never felt so honored! Continuosly had the goose bumps and the hair on my arms and neck stood up the whole time. All I can say is GREAT,GREAT,GREAT!!

  4. I sure hope G E has the time to stop in during Hot Tunas electric show in New York City this November.

  5. Awesome performance tonight with Billy Squire at Ardmore theater in PA, your performance at Guild Hall in September 2017 was also great!!!

  6. GE did a solo during a show with Hot Tuna at SUNY Purchase NY 2010. Just the drummer joined him in a song about a soldier being hung. Is there a recording of that any where? I loved it.

    • That would be “Arrowhead” by Richard Shindell. There are tons of videos on YouTube of GE playing it over the years.

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