Read Fender’s interview with GE  about the Signature Telecaster here.

Fender GE Smith Signature Telecaster

Available in Honey Blonde, Dakota Red, or Black

Visit for more info.

Take a tour of G.E. Smith’s new signature Tele®, a special guitar that combines a ’40s-era Fender lap steel with a ’50s-era Telecaster. Features include a large U-shaped maple neck, lap steel “oval and diamond” fingerboard inlays, custom cutoff vintage-style bridge plate and body-mounted bridge pickup.

“What I’ve tried to do over the years, and in particular with this guitar, is to make it capable of being really fat-sounding, as well as doing all the chicken-pickin’ and the classic Telecaster things that you think about. But with that pickup in the wood like that, you get this resonance and this fattened-up lower end and low midrange that’s really cool.”

“The signature guitar! I don’t need to tell you what it can do or how it sounds; you know already since you designed it! It is a picture of beauty and a true work of art. The sustain is great, and the tone awesome. This guitar will be around for along time and I am proud to own one.”
~ ED HERMANN – Winner of GE Smith Fender giveaway.


  1. I came across this website via Fender guitars website and listened to your UTube video on Telecasters then did some more searching around because I certainly remember you from SNL . Definately inspired to pick up my acoustic guitar at just turning 50 next month and see what I can do to earn myself such a magnificent instrument such as the Telecaster . My average everyday acoustic has been sitting in a corner for over a year now and watching and seeing some of the things you do with that guitar has definately inspired me to see how far I can go . I’ve always absolutely loved listening to guitar and find that Telecaster sound very familiar . I wish you good luck with your future and I will be trying to get down to see you in action with Roger Waters in September in Toronto

  2. Hello G.E.!

    How about telling us what Fender amps (specifics) you like to use with your telecasters? I’m about to buy your signature tele and while watching your video, you sat in front of a wall of Fender amps. What are your two favorite Fender amps that exude your signature Tele sound?

    Austin TX

    • Here is an interview GE did some time back that has some good info on what amps he likes. I hope that helps! I was able to snag myself the GE Smith Signature Tele and it is an amazing instrument! You will not be disappointed! It has actually gotten me to get back into playing again.

      • Fantastic, thanks. Yea i’m a little late.
        Austin TX

  3. GE and FANS: GE has a 19 minute video on youtube, and if you want to know the simple truth about great guitars, watch that video. MY (red) GE Smith tele is the ‘go-to’ guitar for me. When I’m down, it makes me smile. When I gig, it never disappoints. And it feels the way your favorite old shoes fit. I’ve been playing almost 50 years and have owned or tried all the fancy custom shop versions of the tele. Here’s a secret: The GE Smith Tele is better than all the others. Thank you GE (and Leo) for giving the world this simple, pure, great guitar. . – Rusty

  4. The inlays on the Fender GE Smith Tele look like the inlays used by NYC guitar maker Rick Kelly.

    • The inlays are based off of the ones found on late 1940s Fender Lap Steels. -Admin

  5. I’ve been a tele fan for a long time, and I came across a red ge to pick up as a player and MAN it is everything people say! There is no custom tele that has ANYTHING on this music machine. It’s a player all the way. Like Rusty said above – makes you smile every time! Wow can’t say it enough – best kept secret guitar out there. Hey GE, when are you coming to Nashville? WOuld love to see you perform. You have alot of fans down here & you’re always welcome. Com’on!

  6. I am a professional musician in Canada and the GE Smith Tele WILL BE my go to guitar very soon! Great Tele that can be used for almost any musical situation.

  7. Enjoyed your interview about touring with Bod Dylan very much ….. Peace

  8. George, You dont know me, but I thought it was you when I watched SNL, I just wantyed your E-mail so I could send you a picture of your band, when you were living in the Poconos. I just found it, and thought I could take a picture and E-mail it to you.

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