1. G E,
    It was GREAT to see you with Hot Tuna (and sitting in with the other folks) at the Angel’s Camp Mountain Aire/Furthur Festival. You are sounding and looking like you are having a grand time. Good luck and happy trails on your tours this summer. Blessings & Aloha! Lynn

  2. G.E.,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you about 6 years ago at Laguardia Airport. We were on the same flight to Detroit and you were in your Cleveland Browns parka playing during their games. Seeing you and your very talented band tonight at Heckscher Park in Huntington was a real treat. You were burning up the park with your great guitar playing. You are truly one of the masters of the instrument and too underrated in my book. This was the same night as Eric Clapton Crossroads festival and quite frankly you blow most of those musicans away. You are a true professional. Rock on!



  3. G.E.,

    Thanks for coming to Heckscher Park in Huntington! It was great! I mean what can I say, I have seen almost everyone and I know great when I see it. The sound of your 335 plugged into that Fender amp was bliss. And of course you make it sing. The entire band was a joy! All of you passed that on with broad smiles all throughout the night.

    In fact now I am inspired to pick up my guitar and practice! I cannot thank you more!

    I hope to catch you at Westbury.

    God Bless and keep touching lives,


  4. I came across this website via Fender guitars website and listened to your UTube video on Telecasters then did some more searching around because I certainly remember you from SNL . Definately inspired to pick up my acoustic guitar at just turning 50 next month and see what I can do to earn myself such a magnificent instrument such as the Telecaster . My average everyday acoustic has been sitting in a corner for over a year now and watching and seeing some of the things you do with that guitar has definately inspired me to see how far I can go . I’ve always absolutely loved listening to guitar and find that Telecaster sound very familiar . I wish you good luck with your future and I will be trying to get down to see you in action with Roger Waters in September in Toronto

  5. GE – much thanks for the cordial discussion you had with my son last night at the IZOD after an incredible performance. He is a budding player with a strong appreciation for serious commitment to music, and you have been one of the benchmarks I’ve used to show him the incredible quality demonstrated by artists today. Imagine his and my shock when we both saw you on stage (we were front row center) – it was like winnning the lottery! Thank you for signing his ‘Wall’ book, and best of luck with the tour. Hopefully we will see you play again at the Garden in October.

  6. Hi G.E, I am a guitar player and collector & I have been on a quest to get the EXACT music for the fills on I Thank You by Sam & Dave. I loved it since the first day I heard it back in the 60’s and even though I am pretty good at copping things I don’t think I have every one exact. Kind of like Jimi Hendrix into to ” I don’t live today” If anyone would have them down I know you would. Is there a way I can get them from you, or would you know where I can get the real music for those fills? Thanks, Joe

    • I am not speaking for G.E. as far as the accuracy, but I did a quick google search and found some sheet music HERE. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. Hi G.E. – pleasant surprise meeting you in Dallas last weekend. Hope the tour is, and stays, fun. Jon Greene.

  8. Hi, GE! I’m not sure if you’ll see, but I was curious to ask you a question. I saw an interview with you on the Smithsonian Channel, and there was several live clips inserted into the interview. The thing that struck me as that you’re wearing a Hawkwind shirt in some of the clips! I was taken aback as you don’t see many Americans wearing Hawkwind t-shirts, especially not on national television! I guess the question is, how long have you been a fan? Do you have a favorite album from them?

    BTW, I remember back when you playing with Hall And Oates. Always dug your leads on songs like Private Eyes (love that old Gibson you’re playing in the video) and Family Man.

  9. I’m not sure what your relationship is with Daryl Hall, but I’d love to see you guys hook up again, especially with T.Bone gone… Love going to Youtube seeing you play with H&O. 😉

    Tacoma, WA.

  10. Last night GE played a song with Hot Tuna, which I believe is called “Long Gone (from Bowling Green).”

    I had only previously heard this performed by Louis Armstrong.

    Does GE know who wrote the song?

    Also, which version of the song inspired GE’s version last night.

    Fantastic show by the way, and GE was of course a HUGE part of the success of the evening.

  11. Hi GE just want to say thank you so much for the great music you have given us have you any plans to visit England i really hope so god bless

    allan bishop

  12. To an outstanding Guitarist, I was silently hoping to see you this Wednesday in Milwaukee at Summerfest. I was hoping to see you perform with Hall and Oats. Back in the 80’s I got a chance to see a Hall and Oats concert with you as Lead Guitarist and your rendition of the song “wait for me” was absolutely riveting!!! You were also outstanding during your years with the Saturday Night Live performances. I wish you the best of success and good health. I’m disappointed that I will not be seeing you perform at this year’s Summerfest!

  13. HI G.E!

    On the very small chance you see this,
    I’d just like to say thanks really.
    having tried to pick up guitar when i was 16 didn’t get anywhere but on a off chance i read a magazine that was reviewing your fender tele. looked good so i looked on the internet about it. led me to a utube vid of you on SNL. blew me a way that simple. now 21 i’ve re-started learning the guitar. got my own fender telecaster, unfortunately not your one coz i can’t afford one but i got a vintage style fender tele that sounds amazing! and i even take it to work with me so i can learn while i work! anyways thanks for being such a huge inspiration and i hope this message may find it’s way to you.

    Thanks again!

    James B.

  14. G.E. Smith, I just got your “In The World” cd yesterday I ordered from you last week. What a great album that is. I still have the album I bought when you first released back in 1981 I believe. But, I haven’t played it in years even though I do have a turntable.

    I have been playing this cd all morning. Great songs all around. If I remember right, I saw you back in the early 80’s at either the Roxy or the Whiskey after this album was released. Everytime I watch SNL and see you playing I think back to the early 80’s, when I was in college, and the music scene in LA, and going to the Roxy, Whiskey, the Starwood, the Golden Bear, Troubador, and other clubs through out LA.

    Played guitar most of my life and played in band for 10+ years in LA, mainly cover band throughout the South Bay. Why we didn’t do Heart Frozen Up, I can’t figure out. We did a lot of tunes from bands that were part of the LA Scene of music like the Plimsouls, 20/20, Blasters, the Beat (Paul Collins), and many others.

    I still play guitar and I am planning on adding a Grtestch Country Gentleman to my collection this coming weekend. I will play some Beatle tunes on it of copurse but, I am also gonna play some songs off of your CD like, Heart Frozen Up.

    Thanks again G.E. Smith!

    So. Calif.

  15. GE – thanks for creating such a great fender tele – purchased a black model a few weeks ago and its my fav guitar in my group of fenders. Its sounds as great as you described – and is a killer tone machine. Always admired your playing and amazing technical skills. You’re one of the greatest players around and a hero to all of us weekend warriors. I can think of nothing more inspiring thann playing a guitar with your initials on the neck plate in chrome. It shines just like you!


  16. G.E., I miss hearing you ! Used to listen to you and Taylor at the Stanhope House back when I lived in N.J. I am excited to see you as part of the WALL when you visit Grand Rapids, Mi this June.

  17. GE > I have to ask the question. I’m watching a 1978 youtube video of The Cramps playing in a mental ward in Napa California. I believe that is you playing a flying v – in the band. Well I have to say that is too cool – I am speechless. The Cramps are a legend and this concert as well. This video needs to be on your website – this proves without question you are “the man”. I am humbled – you are so crazy good. One freakin important legend. This is just crazy – the Cramps!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously Jack White – must know you are the real deal!

    • That is not GE on that video but the late Cramps guitarist Bryan Gregory. There are a lot similarities to their stage presence so I can see why you would mistake him for GE.

  18. George I hope you get this message personally. I am Joey Vercillo from East Haven Ct. T. Harpers childhood band mate.I owe all my guit. mod. knowledge to you. You modded a Fender custom esquire for me at your house in I beleive near Meriden Ct. You simply added a neck p-up, but you showed me how to intonate, wire , and set up action. Might sound trivial to you, but priceless to me. Also you and I drove to a Scatch Band gig and you made me fall in love with “Sweet Jane”… Last time I saw you was at Harpers when Lennon was blown away you were still in the Dakota w/ Gilda…. God bless her. I so hope you get this message and realize how much I appreciate your input……………………joey vercillo

      • please let George know Portland, Oregon fans can’t wait to see and hear him with The Wall band Tues 5/22/12, Luis and Jerry will try to brave crowd to say hello, thanks, please forward to G.

  19. Just wondering if George will be coming to Southwest Florida…I would love to see him play again! We all used to hang out in Springs ( my cousins Helen and Vinnie, Jimmy,Dennis L, and Dane) way back in the day! Please tell him I say hey and hope all is well.
    Dianne Lambert

  20. Hey GE. I was fortunate enough to see the Wall shows (3) this past summer and I have to say that you were a pleasure to watch and hear. You took the material seriously and we long-time Floyd fans appreciate your dedication-trust me. My biggest memory is seeing the cool relationship that been created with Rog. I could tell how appreciative he was to have you in his band. He made every effort to make you feel loved on stage-a rarity for Roger (Andy Fairweather-Low was another to get that same treatment and respect). Congrats AND thank you. I look forward to hearing you on his next lp. Peace always to you and please give Roger a hug from me. I’ve seen him 15 times since 1984 (yes, even with Clapton-which, as a senior in high school (bagging groceries to afford the trip) traveling to NJ from Maine.
    Happy Holidays and keep up the great work GE!

  21. Hi GE,

    I am simply someone who really admires your guitar playing! I am hoping one day to see you play live. You inspired me to pick up the guitar again. I am hoping to get a telecaster this year and that’s because of you. Thank you so much not only for the inspiration but for the incredible music you play! God Bless!
    Ismael Aguilar

  22. Hallo! I have been looking for a Telecaster for some time and I´ll think i have found it now. “G E Smith Telecaster Dakota Red with Maple fingerboard” seems to be what I need. Everything about that guitar is what I have been looking for. There is one problem and that is, I live in Sweden and I don´t know how to get this guitar? I can´t find any dealer near me and it´s a long way to go to New York 🙂 What can I do, help me please!

  23. Dear George:

    I really enjoyed the lesson you did for Breakdown Way. I previewed it last year and had to buy it this time and was definitely worth it.

    all the advice you were cool enough to give was pretty simple and straight forward. You mentioned many years back you just learned by listening to your record collection and getting everything down note for note and spending countless hours doing it.

    Once you know how scales work and what the notes are you can just put on your favorite songs and try your best to match up the notes so it’s sort of like that game “concentration” except you’re doing it with notes on the fretboard and if you can see it as a fun game as opposed to a long drawn out grind cause practice can be a chilling word to use though it’s essential obviously.

    the next thing is playing it in the right position, although you can do it however works best. Hideaway by Freddie king is done on the treble strings in the first position. Eric Clapton did it further up the fretboard on the middle strings so that worked best for him and he put his own stamp on it.

    Another thing I try to practice and play as much as I can. It can be tricky cause I have this thing called attention deficit where i have trouble completing tasks even if I enjoy them and enthusiastic which hindered me until I had to take care of it finally. Joe Walsh has the same issues that he mentioned in an interview last year so it is very real. I had it real bad as a kid and I was seen as out of control.

    the good news is that once I start I can go for a while now without any difficulty. It would help if I have someone there to make sure I don’t slack off when I should be playing. so I’m taking your advice of finding like-minded musicians to collaborate with …

    I had a blast playing along and learning with your workshop. So if you want to see if I learned anything, then I’d be glad to step on stage and do a number with you at the Talkhouse or something in the future…

    one more thing. You mentioned that you began as an acoustic player and that’s what was missing from what I’m doing. I can’t afford a nice Gibson just yet so I bought an Epiphone Hummingbird for a good deal and it is an amazing sounding guitar and I enjoy playing that now as well! with that I play open chords so you can hear the notes just ring out & vibrate and it sounds awesome! Also I just play R&B licks, that Stonesy sounding stuff on it and I’m just i love with it!

    I still enjoy playing electric and it helps if anything so i just wanted to share that stuff with you. also if Neil Young can do it, why not, right?

    take care

    Robert J West

    • Hi Robert,

      I passed your message on to GE. Thanks for checking out that Breakdownway.com link I suggested! -Ainslie (admin)

      • Oh, that’s you on there? Cool, thanks for passing that along! You’re welcome too. I’ve been a fan since I was real little when he was still in Hall & Oates. I used to see videos all the time on MTV and that was around the time the Liberty Park concert was broadcast so that was my introduction. You have a video of one of my favorite songs, Open all Night where he pulls T-Bone out there with him and finishes the set off with a gut -wrenching solo on that 59 Les Paul i was asking about not too long ago! Also nice job on the website here. If you need any pictures or anything let me know.


      • I love that video of Open All Night! Please send/ post any pics you have. It is appreciated. You are in good company, I became a fan when I was 11 back in ’91 during the SNL days. It’s a trip handling his website and Facebook!

  24. Yeah, sounds about right. Actually I didn’t even know he was doing the SNL thing until around that time. I’d say probably real late in 91, December… from then on out I would tune in to see him play. then maybe 10 years ago they started showing re runs after the live SNL so I can check out the ones from the 80s that i didn’t see. One of my favorites was when he had Eddie Van Halen on stage. He let him do his thing and played rhythm basically. He was one of the first guitarists he invited to do that. Another one was Jesse Johnson from the Time which was cool because I saw Hall & Oates as a similar band during the 84-85 era especially!

    Also no problem on the pics….

  25. Please, what that bues ditty you were finger pickin’ during the richard gere guitar collection video? Thanx

  26. Hey, just wanted to wish G.E. an early Happy Birthday as well as a belated Happy New year! (tomorrow the 27th is it for those who don’t know) Hope you get a new guitar even though you already have some of the best around!

    Back in 63 He got that 52 Telecaster that is really an Esquire w 2 pickups! I saw for myself up close about 10 years ago and he was nice enough to let me take a picture with it! My only regret was not plugging it in ( how’s it sound now?)

    also hard to believe 30 years ago he was touring the US with Daryl & John & from there he would go on to be the bandleader on SNL The last show he performed on tour was what was filmed as the Liberty Concert. I would highly recommend checking it out as that was the first concert I saw that made me a lifelong fan.

    in the now, I saw a clip of him playing at the “Talkhouse” in Amagansett with Chad Smith and friends which was pretty cool and I was interested in going up there in the spring for the open jam they have there and would like GE to be a part of that in some way if he’s interested and in town. It’s been a while so I’m looking forward to it if something great happens out of it.

    so to GE: Happy birthday!

    Rob J West

  27. I have a 1972 recording of George playing with the Scratch Band that I’d like to pass along, if you can help?

  28. GE,
    I always associated you with SNL until recently. I’ve been watching Bob Dylan concert videos for months and I have to say; You are the BEST guitarist Bob has ever had! Amazing, amazing work.

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