GE has had an amazing career that has spanned over five decades, so let’s break it down by period. 

1970-1985:  Scratch Band, Dan Hartman, and Hall and Oates years. 

1985-1995: SNL Band and Bob Dylan years.

1995-2009: Solo Stuff, 50 Watt Fuse, Moonalice.

2009-current: Roger Waters The Wall, Hot Tuna, Solo Stuff.

Robert D. Comes Photo gallery:  Documenting GE’s many performances on the East End of Long Island over the years.

Ainslie Heilich GE artwork

Fan Photos via Facebook

Fan Photos via Instagram



  1. Great to see ya .. GE

    You’re the Buddha of Guitar. You play with joy and inner peace … it came across so strongly in your SNL days it was only part of the show I watched …

    Seeing you promote your Tele is awesome. Although I am a Gibson man … with my 345 and sorry but it is my favourite pic of you. The only fender I want is a tele and I am pretty sure I want your Tele.

    Hope to catch you swingin thru Toronto Canada.


  2. I was blown away by your guitar virtuosity at the Hot Tuna concert in York, PA tonight. Awesome! I’m now a fan for life and will pick up some CDs. Thank you for the autograph.

  3. G.E., you’re so talented, so good and from what I can tell, you’re a top-shelf guy as well.

    I wish you’d do some serious new work with Hall and Oates again sometime (or even just Daryl Hall). It just seems so “right” when you work with Hall.

    With T-Bone’s passing, you seem like the one true guy who could possibly step in and keep the music vibrant and alive.

  4. G.E., just caught you with Hot Tuna. Man, you were all over that guitar. Great to see such passion and fun in a major guitar guy. You helped make that concert, in a big, big way!

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