GE Smith’s Career Documented in the Archive of American Television

Check out this massive career spanning video interview and retrospective on GE Smith’s life and career from picking up a guitar at age four to his Emmy Award winning work on Saturday Night Live and beyond.

About the Archive of American Television

Founded in 1997, the Television Academy Foundation’s Archive of American Television has conducted over 800 oral history interviews (over 4000 hours) with the legends of television. These interviews chronicle the birth and growth of American TV History as it evolves, and make the interviews available worldwide. The Archive continues to produce new interviews every year. The collection covers a variety of professionsgenres, and topics in electronic media history.

The interviews are done in a life-history format, starting with the interviewees’ early years and influences. The interview then moves into their major television work, and concludes with the interviewee’s thoughts about his or her craft, as well as advice to aspiring professionals. The interviews are presented uncut and unscripted.

Roger Waters’ Surprise Performance at G.E.’s Birthday Celebration

Since G.E. has been touring with Roger Waters all year on The Wall tour he wasn’t able to celebrate his 60th birthday (which was January 27th) until August!  The show was rocking along and then Roger Waters surprised everyone with a toast to G.E. and then sat in on a song!  It brought the evening up to a whole other level. Luckily, Rod Richardson was there to film the excitement and Robert D. Combs was there to photograph every moment!

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Rig Rundown: Roger Waters’ The Wall Live

G.E. Smith shows his full setup from The Wall tour in this interview with .



Guitars In the guitar boat is an all-original 1951 Fender P-bass used for more song-oriented parts, a Fender fretless bass with Seymour Duncan pickups for “Hey You,” a 1962 ES-335 that he’s used throughout his career and is stock other than a refret, a “parts” Tele (with a ’63 body and pickups, ’68 neck, and an Epiphone mini-humbucker set closer to the bridge for a nasty in-between sound used for slide), and a prototype and production models of his Fender G.E. Smith Signature Telecaster. Not pictured is a stock black Fender Precision Bass used for front-of-stage songs, where all of the instruments must be black.

Amps Smith uses a 50-watt Marshall head (the second is a backup), “set loud with no treble” through an old Mesa 4×12 with original speakers. The cabinet is configured with the top two speakers open-back and bottom two closed, which he likes because it sounds like two 2x12s.

Pedals Smith uses the Radial Tonebone JX-2 Pro as a clean boost, Boss CE-2 Chorus, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Seymour Duncan Deja Vu delay, and Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Blue (set to Rhythm for lighter overdrive). He switches delays through the show depending upon the intensity needed. The Carbon Copy is used earlier on for its more organic, analog tone. He uses a Korg Pitchblack tuner for both guitar and bass, and like the other guitarists on the show, uses a Boss PSM-5 power supply and master switch to control the rackmounted TC Electronic delays for “Another Brick in the Wall.”

New dates posted as “The Wall” prepares to take the Southern Hemisphere

G.E. will continue on with Roger Waters for the 2012 portion of “The Wall” with 28 dates currently scheduled.  They will start off on January 27th (G.E.’s birthday!) in Perth, Australia and finish up on April 1st in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Check out for more info!

Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason reunited for Outside The Wall

 Pink Floyd Reunites at London Show
The surviving members of Pink Floyd reunited at London’s O2 Arena last night (May 12) for a rare collaboration, after swearing that they would never tour again upon breaking up in the mid-80s. David Gilmour joined Roger Waters and Nick Mason for renditions of “Comfortably Numb” and “Outside the Wall.”

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